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Tips for filling out the form:
In the Description box, be brief but include key words that customers might use when searching for your business.
Be sure to proof-read carefully to verify your contact data and separate your address with commas for clarity.
Here are some suggestions for finding the best category for your business:
Department Stores & Thift Stores
should go under
with an additional listing under
if applicable.
Chainsaw or Lawnmower Sales
should go under
with an additional listing under
if maintenance or repair is done.
Dance Studio or Music Lessons
should go under
Flower Shops could go under
with an additional listing under
Elder Care & Assisted Living
should go under
We require an email address to enable us to contact a business owner in case of errors in their listing.  If you really don't have and don't want an email address for business or personal use, you can cut and paste the following email address into the 2 email fields on the listing form:
If you have a Website, type your full web address (URL) into the space provided.  You must include the prefix http://  The easiest way to make sure you have it correctly is to go to your website on another browser page, copy the URL in the address bar, and paste into the form.  Before submitting the form, paste the same address into your browser address bar and make sure it works.  If you don't have a website, you can copy the address of your Facebook home page or simply leave as is.
Want an inexpensive single page for your website link to provide additional info ?
There is a limit of 30 characters for your Business Name.  We'd like to keep the business name to one line of text so as to keep all listers on an even visual playing field. You may have to shorten your usual name for it to fit, but you can always put any name clarification into the Description box.  Also - please do not use all caps, but just capitalize the first letters of your Business Name.
Use the Location box for not only your address but any landmarks that would help customers.  You can also include the days and times you are open.  Check other listings for examples.
You must select from among the 32 Business Categories.  You may fill out the form twice and enter your business under 2 separate categories if they are applicable.  See suggestions below.
A Phone number is required.
An Email address is required. See the note at the bottom of the page for help.
Email Required - if problem, see
enter your full website address beginning with http - otherwise uncheck box above
check box
if yes
It is a good idea to write your information first into a simple text editor like Notepad and then copy and paste into the form.  Once you click "Submit", you can no longer make edits to your listing, but you can request changes or a deletion using the Contact Form.  You can also submit a new listing and use the contact form to request deletion of the older listing.
Guitar Player or Pianist
should go under